Look Ma, No Gun !

My first detailed (so-called) caricature 😀

It’s all started just because of Great Artist Jason Seiler’s (http://jasonseilerillustration.blogspot.com) caricature of Gaddafi..saw it on facebook and thought i should try it too..
just searched Gaddafi’s photos in Google and stared working on my first caricature..i didnt want to paint his body because i had no idea about the concept yet..so started refining his face..i was thinking about Gaddafi’s caricature even at work, traveling, doing other things..this was never happened to me before..damn Gadaffi…i was possessed by him
so suddenly i thought about Machete’s poster..BINGO ! i was like..YESS ! and you can see what i did
i tried to show him stupid and funny at the same time..that’s why i added a fork, spoon, butter knife & scissors…as you all know about his nature, i painted that “I love me” text on his underwear..and a pack man ghost to add some more personality
Thanks to Jason Seiler for the inspiration !
hope you enjoy this…please feel to free give any kind of feedback/critique/comment

here are some details, wip images and ref. images and the inspiration !

p.s. typography hates me so i’ve used the same letters from the Machete poster with some tweaks T__T
software used – Photoshop