Look Ma, No Gun !

My first detailed (so-called) caricature šŸ˜€

Itā€™s all started just because of Great Artist Jason Seilerā€™s (http://jasonseilerillustration.blogspot.com) caricature of Gaddafi..saw it on facebook and thought i should try it too..
just searched Gaddafiā€™s photos in Google and stared working on my first caricature..i didnt want to paint his body because i had no idea about the concept yet..so started refining his face..i was thinking about Gaddafiā€™s caricature even at work, traveling, doing other things..this was never happened to me before..damn Gadaffiā€¦i was possessed by him
so suddenly i thought about Macheteā€™s poster..BINGO ! i was like..YESS ! and you can see what i did
i tried to show him stupid and funny at the same time..thatā€™s why i added a fork, spoon, butter knife & scissorsā€¦as you all know about his nature, i painted that ā€œI love meā€ text on his underwear..and a pack man ghost to add some more personality
Thanks to Jason Seiler for the inspiration !
hope you enjoy thisā€¦please feel to free give any kind of feedback/critique/comment

here are some details, wip images and ref. images and the inspiration !

p.s. typography hates me so i’ve used the same letters from the Machete poster with some tweaks T__T
software used – Photoshop